Working Fair

A fair held at school to raise students’ interest in the future and study - and vocational guidance

The purpose is to raise the students’ interest in future study- and vocational choices. Another purpose is to give the employers a chance to present their business and what they are looking for in future employees.

The fair was held 2016-12-20 at “Sofiedalskolan”. Students from grade 8 and 9 participated (14-16 years). Different secondary schools, educational organisations, entrepreneurs, representatives for different professions and motivators exhibited at the fair and had workshops/lectures in different classrooms.

All the students had schedules to attend different lectures and workshops. In the breaks, they could network with the exhibitors. We had some 30 lectures and about 10 exhibitors.

How this resource relates to Shaping Characters objectives

  • Attitudes and attributes
  • Motivation and resilience
  • Partnership working

Actual outcomes

A clear majority of the participants have been inspired by the day, and it has also been directives for future study- and vocational choices. Above all, they have picked up an understanding for which characteristics that are required in the working life.

Resources required

All the facilities of the school, 15-20 classrooms (depending on the number of participants)
Projectors, computers, an open area for the exhibition.
A teacher per class.

How was it funded?

All the exhibitors and lecturers participated without allowance. It was in their own interest to participate. It should be an arrangement that all the participants can benefit from.

Time needed

The fair took place all day

The vast work is the preparations. The entire day should be scheduled for all involved, invitations should be written and sent out, and notifications collected. Afterwards should everything be summarized and the participants should receive right information. A little more than a week’s working time.

 Subsequently, a survey, for the students and the exhibitors/lecturers, was put together. Approximately 3 hours.

What could have been done differently or is planned for future repeats?

To start the planning earlier. That the students themselves should be able to wish what lectures/workshops they want to attend.

How was or could the project be sustained?

The fair is going to be a reoccurring annual event.

- You could, during a workshop, try to start your own “young enterprise”-company!
- I have learned which characteristics are required in the working life!

Answers to 'What was best during the day'?

- More workshops with activities, fewer lectures.

Answers to what could have been better?

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