Your enterprise

An all-day workshop where young people through different cases and challenges can start their own business

Case 1 – Build your team
About 30 min

Divide students into groups of 4 people. Try to mix the groups as much as possible. Inform about group constellations about the importance of a strong team that can work well. That rarely is the best choice to work with their best friends without being better at working with those who are different oneself. Then you can complement each other.

Then present the task.

Let the students get to know each other, they will introduce themselves and ask questions to each other. Feel free to give examples of what they can discuss. After that, they will determine from the list of the various roles the person who gets what role, and most importantly, why he has received the specific role. What strengths and weaknesses exist in the group

Case 2 – Come up with an idea
About 30 min
What should your company sell, you have to come up with a business idea! Present what a business idea really is. “An idea that one can do business on.” Remind the group that there are no bad ideas, only the imagination can set the limits.

Short words are needed, divided into three different categories. Product, audience and needs. Each group should have a card from each category and on the basis of the three words hiding on the cards, they will puzzle together a business idea.

What will be the business idea? What are they going to sell? For who is the product? And why should you buy the product from just those? Finally, the groups will also get a name for their company.

Let the groups briefly present what they have achieved
Case 3 – It’s time to hire!
About 1 hour
Tell students that it has become time to hire. It’s going well for their business, they grow and need to be more.

Make a brief introduction about what makes a person get a job. That it can depend on many different things, but above all how you can introduce yourself. Of course, also what knowledge and experience you have. Education and professional experience is important. But more importantly you are! It does not matter how well you are in maths or history if you do not perform well.

Present tasks,

Now you should agree on this from the employer’s interview. You are going to hire a person. Here are a number of personal letters / job applications that students should read.

– Discuss what kind of person you would need to hire for your team, is there any missing one?
– Read all applications. Discuss in the group who you like and do not like, and why.
– Then discuss what features make a person employable.
– Based on your discussions, you decide who you want to hire, and why?

Let the groups get briefs of what they have achieved.

Case 4 – Oh no, we got a problem
About 1 hour
For this case you need at least 1-2 described problems. Its fun if every group can have their own specific problem but they can also have the same ones.

Explain that all companies encounter problems, more often than infrequently. Big and small! Managing companies often deals with solving problems! And now it has become their turn.

Share the problem descriptions and let the entire group read through properly.
– Discuss and analyze the problem. What’s the problem really?
– How are you going to solve it?
– Describe your solution and why you choose to do as you do.

Let the groups briefly describe their problems and how they choose to

Case 5 – Out of sight, out of mind!
About 1 – 1 ½ hour
Its time to be creative. You must market your company and your product.
Marketing is about communicating a message or a feeling. The purpose is to make people act, to do something, what you want is people to buy your product, but the question is how. That is the case for this case: t. You should not just talk and answer this time, you’ll do it!

You must do exactly what you want. Think about how you reach your target audience! Can be a commercial, a website, an instagram account, a newspaper advertisement, an advertising sphere. You decide, and then perform. Be creative, how can you get out of the sea by advertising and marketing?

Let students showcase their marketing campaigns.

Case 6 – Pitch it off!
About 30 min
Last but not least, it’s time to pitch!

As an entrepreneur, you often have to hold different presentations. For the bank to get a loan, for prospective customers, for employees, etc. Today, a few will do it for a jurisprudence (or just for classmates) They may ask you some questions and provide feedback.

– Present your team and tell why you got the different roles
– Present the company and its idea, how did you achieve this?
– Show up is a marketing campaign
– Convince the jury that you are the best!

Finish the day by summarizing everything they’ve been working on. Collaboration, creativity, problem solving ….

The activity can be adapted for several ages – we did it with pupils aged 12-17

How this resource relates to Shaping Characters objectives

  • Attitudes and attributes
  • Innovative approach
  • Motivation and resilience

Actual outcomes

When this was done during the Shaping Charcters event in Olomouc with students from Gävle, Riga, Basingstoke and Olomouc, we experienced that today’s students had a major development. They took more, dared to talk and were incredibly creative. The students themselves thought it was challenging, but very fun

Resources required

A teacher / leader who leads the activity.
Computer, projector and cloth for powerpoint

Students work advantageously on computers, but also work with paper and pencils.

Job Role Descriptions to Case 1

Word card to case 2
Product - Target Audience - Needs.

Work applications for case 3

Problem descriptions to case 4

Pillow material to case 5

A jurisprudence to case 6. Can be people from business, other teachers, or maybe the students themselves.

How was it funded?

Time needed

The activity takes a whole day. The preparations are estimated 4 hours to prepare all material.

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