A drop in the ocean

An exercise in decision-making and cooperation

1. Motivation based on the project day for the World Water Day and the song “Voda má” (Water Song) by Hradišťan.
2. Dramatisation: What does a drop of water experience during the water cycle?
3. The students split into groups of 4 (they can pick who they want to cooperate with).
4. Each team receives worksheets with tasks (see enclosures).
5. The students create artworks with the motifs of sea and waves, using various techniques and drawing on large papers. Ultimately, an ocean is created by pasting the individual artworks together.
6. The students reflect on the advantages of cooperation, on what went well and what didn’t, what they wanted to do differently, etc.
7. Each student draws his/her own drop that contains what is important for him/her, and then the drops are pasted to the ocean.
8. The activity concludes by games in the gymnasium, using a parachute (ocean and waves) and foam balls.

How this resource relates to Shaping Characters objectives

  • Attitudes and attributes
  • Education techniques
  • Motivation and resilience

Actual outcomes

Educational objective: Learning to cooperate, to be sympathetic; being able to accept different views and submit to the group’s attitude
Qualities in focus: Cooperation, problem-solving
Target group, age of the students: 8 years of age
Suitable for: Fundaments of Humanities and Sciences, Physical Education, Art

Resources required

Parachute, balls, drawing paper (A2 format), paints, pastels, markers, glues, colour papers, crepe papers, corrugated cardboard

Time needed

3 units (units defined as 45 minutes)

What could have been done differently or is planned for future repeats?

Children tried to cooperate in the groups, they had to agree on certain things and work together in fulfilling the tasks in the worksheets as well as in creating the collages.
The students could pick their collaborators, so it was somewhat easier for them.
They liked the dramatisation of the water cycle and they conceived nice stories about the drops in the nature.

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