Character Education a whole school approach

A description of a while school apporach taken in Latvia with a full set of resources

The character education toolkit has been developed to provide practical recommendations for teachers and other interested people to improve the effectiveness of ensuring the character education in the educational institution. Special attention is paid to the development of interpersonal skills and self-esteem as well as the acquisition of values, the adaptability skills and the skill to handle one’s emotions.

How this resource relates to Shaping Characters objectives

  • Attitudes and attributes
  • Education techniques
  • Innovative approach
  • Motivation and resilience
  • Partnership working

Actual outcomes

The toolkit includes:

Strategies and activities that help to form rich and meaningful experience of character education for students in different learning environments, i.e., both formal and informal.

Indications to the on-line resources that comprise materials, lesson plans, hand-outs to make the implementation of character education easier.

Effective character education is not adding a program or set of programs to a school. Rather it is a transformation of the culture and life of the school. (Marvin W. Berkowitz)


Holistic approach is considered to be one of the most effective approaches to character education. It envisages the promotion of students’ social competence and the understanding of emotions according to students’ developmental needs all through schooling

Resources required

Depending on the extent of the project and the size of the school

How was it funded?

Through core school budgets

Time needed

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How was or could the project be sustained?

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