Healthy Life

Healthy living programme

The students go through 5 lessons on healthy lifestyle; each lesson focuses on different aspects.

Following the theoretical part, the students individually fulfil tasks and ultimately try to pass the test at the end of each lesson. Four diaries are to be filled in, selecting the most suitable diet composition for a lazy day, normal day and physically demanding day, allocating suitable activities to burn the energy from meals of various energy contents. The last lesson focuses on selecting the healthiest meals for the days of the week.

How this resource relates to Shaping Characters objectives

  • Attitudes and attributes
  • Education techniques
  • Motivation and resilience
  • Partnership working

Actual outcomes

Educational objective: Realising the fundamental principles of a healthy lifestyle; knowing the individual food ingredients; learning to choose the most suitable meals for the individual parts of the day.
Qualities in focus: Healthy lifestyle
Target group, age of the students: 8–15 years of age
Suitable for: Science, Fundaments of Humanities and Sciences, Natural Science, Health Education…

Resources required

Worksheets and on-line lessons of Hravě žij zdravě (Healthy Lifestyle is Easy) programme

Time needed

At least five weeks

What could have been done differently or is planned for future repeats?

There were no problems with the individual lessons, but we encountered hardships with on-line tasks as there were problems with the Internet connection. The students therefore had to take turns at one computer with working Internet connection, which was difficult to manage. During the second week of January, we finally could work in the computer classroom, making things easier again. The students learnt a lot of interesting and vital things, tried all the tasks and could test their knowledge. Unfortunately, not all of them could fulfil all lessons in a time limit to receive points for scoring.

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