Healthy Snack

Daily task on healthy snacks

The students are split into pairs (they can choose their partners or draw lots). Every day, the pair works together to evaluate their snacks as to nutritional value (proteins, sugars, fibre, vitamins, etc.), variety, and quantity. If they evaluate a snack as thoroughly healthy, they stick two stars to their record sheet; if the snack is mostly healthy, they stick one star. Each snack should contain a portion of fruits or vegetables otherwise no star can be given. The snack should also contain proteins and sugars. If the snack only contains sweets (like doughnuts, cookies, milk chocolate, etc.) no star can be given.

How this resource relates to Shaping Characters objectives

  • Attitudes and attributes
  • Education techniques

Actual outcomes

Educational objective: Learning to correctly evaluate a healthy snack
Qualities in focus: Healthy lifestyle
Target group, age of the students: 8–15 years of age
Suitable for: Science, Fundaments of Humanities and Sciences, Health Education…

Resources required

Record sheet and stickers

Time needed

Daily tasks for a week or a month

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