PRAO reportage/Reportage about a workplace

The student follows up the development talk and the “Individual Development Plan” by writing a letter home to the guardian(s) in which the student reflects on how the work with achieving the new objectives is going so far.

The purpose of the coverage writing is for the students to reflect on how a workplace works, and what characteristics you need to work in a similar workplace. Another purpose is for the student to reflect on what abilities are the student’s strong ones, and what abilities the student might need to develop to get into the labour market.

At school, the coverage writing has been conducted in various forms during different years. This year, the students in grade 8, who are 14-15 years old, have been writing in connection to their week of working experience. Some of the students’ coverages have then been published at the municipality’s website to disseminate the knowledge to other students. It is also an opportunity to let the students write for a supposed recipient.

How this resource relates to Shaping Characters objectives

  • Attitudes and attributes
  • Innovative approach
  • Motivation and resilience

Actual outcomes

The students have, in connection to their working experience, gotten the opportunity to reflect on what characteristics that are required at different workplaces.

Resources required

In this case, a functioning organization regarding working experience is needed. However, it is also possible to let students visit different workplaces, do interviews and search for information about the particular workplace without having an organized work experience.

Time needed

In this case, the students had a week of work experience. The time needed for writing the coverages was 6 lessons. The first lesson, the students brought forward questions to ask someone at the workplace. As they came back from their work experience, they had approximately 5 lessons to write and process their coverages with help from the teachers.

What could have been done differently or is planned for future repeats?

The coverages and instructions are continuously processed. They are also adapted annually to suit the students who go to the school and the different workplaces they visit. Next time, the students are going to write more enhanced about the characteristics that are important for the workplace.

How was or could the project be sustained?

We will continue to deepen the cooperation with the municipality to be able to publish texts.

I felt like a real journalist! And besides, I’ve also learned much more about different workplaces!


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