Valentines message

Exercise in considering character qualities and traits

1. The teacher talks with the children about good character traits they’d like to find in their friends, and whether they are also able to find good qualities in their classmates they do not get on well with. This activity is intended for the Valentine’s Day when people send romantic notes and talk nice to each other.
2. Each student is allotted the name of one classmate by a draw, but does not tell anyone who he/she is.
3. The students take the white paper hearts home and they are asked to write a message to the allotted classmate. The message should include what they like about the classmate, what he/she is good at, etc. They can also paint and decorate the heart if they feel like.
4. The next day, the students should discreetly hand the message over to the respective schoolmates – place it on his/her desk.

How this resource relates to Shaping Characters objectives

  • Attitudes and attributes
  • Education techniques

Actual outcomes

Educational objective: Learning to seek good qualities and merits in other people

Qualities in focus: Character traits, kindness, pleasure for others

Target group, age of the students: 8 years of age

Suitable for: Czech – composition, Fundaments of Humanities and Sciences

Resources required

Heart cut out of white paper (A4 format), writing utensils, crayons. Cards with name of the students in the class

Time needed

One day

What could have been done differently or is planned for future repeats?

At first, the students were looking forward to writing their messages. However, some of them were disappointed that they cannot choose who they want, but have to write nice things even to those schoolmates they did not like.
All students fulfilled the task, most of them succeeded in not disclosing who they wrote to, but there also were fights and misunderstandings we had to set right. It was fruitful for the children to think about other people, and they found out that not everything is always well understood and appreciated.

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