Vecerniceks Journey

Activity for children of different ages to follow the story of Vecernicek's Journey

Children from the kindergarten are split into ten teams (as there are ten locations along the journey). Each child receives a paper hat to be worn and the team receives a start card with the character of Večerníček (Little Eveninger, a boy from the opening and closing themes for good-night tales broadcast by Czech Television). The hat contains ten boxes numbered 1–10. Once the children fulfil the task, a box with the number of the respective location is to be coloured.
Before starting, the song “Večerníček” sung by Karel Černoch is played through the sound system. Then the children set out on the journey where they fulfil tasks set by various fairy-tale characters, like Maya the Bee; Pat & Mat; Rumcajs & Manka; Bob & Bobek; Křemílek & Vochomůrka; Emanuel the Butterfly & Poppy Maid; Mach & Šebestová; Little Mole; Fairy Amálka; and Rákosníček (crawling through a rope web, throwing a cricket ball, shuttle run, jumping balls, capoeira, walking with rice on the head, recognising various objects, etc.). The teams take turns clock-wise each 15 minutes.
Once all tasks are fulfilled, the children submit the filled in start card and are rewarded with sweets and pictures of Večerníček.

How this resource relates to Shaping Characters objectives

  • Attitudes and attributes
  • Education techniques
  • Innovative approach
  • Motivation and resilience

Actual outcomes

Educational objective: Learning to ponder and organise work; helping each other; respecting each other
Qualities in focus: Cooperation, cohesion, help, social relations, respect
Target group, age of the students: Pre-school children, 15-year-olds
Suitable for: General activity, Children’s Day celebration

Resources required

Večerníček’s hat made of newspaper, picture of Večerníček, start card, fairy-tale characters, record of the song “Večerníček” + loudspeakers, various sports equipment

Time needed

Three hours plus preparation

What could have been done differently or is planned for future repeats?

The activity was well received by both little and older children. The ninth-graders were keen to responsibly prepare the Children’s Day celebration, wanting the kindergarten kids to like the event. And the small ones were curious what to expect from the journey. All-round orientation and various degrees of task difficulty were good for competitive spirit. The small children were overjoyed when they could try the capoeira outfit and try some elements of these martial arts.
The kindergarten children beamed with happiness, wearing the hats and holding the pictures with mouths full of sweets, and the older students were delighted by the success of their efforts.

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